You can view the minutes of our June meeting online now



For the meeting held on Monday 19th June 2017 at 7.30pm at Lairhillock Primary School, Netherley, Aberdeenshire.
Henry Irvine-Fortescue (HIF) Vice-Chair, Laureen Canessa (LC), Bob McKinney (RM), Rod Farquhar (RF), Sharon Park (SP), Avril Tulloch (AT), Councillor Alison Evison, Aberdeenshire Council (AE), Councillor Ian Mollison, Aberdeenshire Coucil (IM), Councillor Colin Pike, Aberdeenshire Council (CP)

8 members of the public attended


1 Welcome and Introductions

HIF welcomed all to the meeting

2 Apologies

Mandi Dorward (MD) Secretary, Susan Astell (SA) Lynne Beard


3 Police Report
HIF had received an emailed report and highlighted the main points; nothing of immediate concern


4 Previous Minutes

Minutes for May 2017 were proposed by RM and seconded by SP


Matters arising:

a.   Speed limit at Old Mill Inn.   30mph in place for next 9 months.

The speed limit should also cover the road up to Millbank Cottage and to the Kirkton.

Action: HIF to check with Bob Gray of Aberdeenshire Council

5 Matters Arising



Nothing to report


Website, Facebook & Media

Nothing to report



·      Lairhillock road is closed; Wedderhill verges are collapsing. The question arose should the police be advised on what action should be taken. Action – HIF to relay to Aberdeenshire Council

·      Overgrown branches on South Deeside Road, CC and members of the public to identify areas where there are problems. Action – CC members

·      Cllr Pike advised that the AWPR should be open in early 2018, with concrete crash barriers installed as a central reservation safely measure.

·      It was noted that there continue to be potholes everywhere. Aberdeenshire Council has an ongoing plan for these.   To be followed up.


·      No progress locally

6 Planning


Rod Farquhar advised that there was nothing of immediate interest.

The following advertised planning applications were met with no objections


N/a N/a


7 Finance & 400 Club

RM advised balance of £1,133.00.   Invercrynoch Cup medals to be paid for £107.50.

Awaiting completion of bank changeover which is imminent and a new cheque book to be issued in the near future.


Funding requests:

·      Nothing pending

8 Correspondence & Licensing Applications





·       Chapleton initiative ongoing

·       New edition of South Deeside View will be available shortly

·       Thank you letter received from Maryculter Church for the £700 raised at the Plant Sale


  The meeting drew to a close at 9.18 pm
10 Next Meeting :

The next meeting will be held on Monday 21h August at 7.30pm at Lairhillock Primary School, Netherley – all welcome