Summary of our October meeting by Cllr Mollison

North Kincardine Rural Community Council needs more volunteers! Tonight’s meeting was attended by only three community councillors, as well as nine members of the public and two Aberdeenshire councillors.

Vice chairman Henry Irvine-Fortescue announced that chairman Drew Russell has had to resign from the community council due to time pressures. And Sharon Park has stepped down as secretary.

Over the two hours the community council covered a wide range of topics, including the impact of the AWPR, flooding, broadband, developer constributions, planning applications, pressure on Aberdeenshire Council’s roads budget, and the need for noticeboards.

With regard to the AWPR, the meeting heard that a contractor is being appointed to repair local roads affected by heavy traffic connected with the project. The 12 month £300,000 contract should see these local roads being restored to their state before construction began. The contractors should move on to site next week. A priority will be the Netherley – Lairhillock – Portlethen road.

The meeting also heard that on Saturday 29 October 44 metre beams will be transported north along the A90, escorted by the police. The convoy will head along Wellington Road in Aberdeen before heading west along the South Deeside Road before reversing up to the AWPR site at Milltimber. Police may close roads to ensure safety of all concerned. Smaller 29 metre beams will also be on the move, but will use the A90 and the North Deeside Road.

Are noticeboards really necessary? That was the poser for the community council, given the increasing use of social media. The suggestion was made that there should be noticeboards at the two primary schools and the two community halls (Corbie and Cookney). Residents’ views are being sought.

At the next meeting there will be a discussion on how to improve broadband reception, with a private sector provider speaker coming along.