Public Broadband meeting Mon 28th Nov, Corbie Hall, 7pm

Broadband public meeting Monday 28 November 2016, 19:00

Corbie Community Hall, Maryculter next to Old Mill Inn, South Deeside Road

The meeting will provide an opportunity for residents of the area to learn more about the public-funded programmes seeking to deliver better broadband. This will include more information on the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme and the Scottish Government’s new ‘Reaching for 100%’ commitment, as well as an overview of the options available to those not expected to benefit from DSSB. There will then be a presentation on Community Broadband Scotland and the establishment of the next steps for those interested in a community-led solution.

1.  Introductions

2. Presentation by Sara Budge, Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband

3.  Presentation by Toby Sandison, Community Broadband Scotland

4.  Q&A

5.  AOCB

This meeting was arranged by Kees Witte, George Tait and various other local people with a keen interest in furthering fibre and finding solutions to local broadband problems. You can help with conversation by completing the short survey beforehand – Broadband Survey – takes 1-2 mins