NKRCC response to Planning Application for accommodation pods at Old Mill Inn

Application Summary APP/2015/3173
Address: Old Mill Inn Maryculter Aberdeenshire AB12 5FX
Proposal: Erection of 2 Blocks of Modular Accommodation (76 Units) and Associated Infrastructure for Temporary Period not exceeding 5 Years
Case Officer: Joshua McLean
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Customer Details
Name: Mr Henry Irvine-Fortescue


Comments Details
Commenter Type: Community Council
Stance: Customer made comments neither objecting to or supporting the Planning Application
Reasons for comment:
Comments: The North Kincardine Rural Community Council wishes to respond in the following manner to the application. The Applicant and their Agents made a presentation to the Community Council at their meeting on the evening of Monday 16th November. While this was appreciated and provided a small amount of additional information as well as giving a forum for the public to ask questions and raise a number of issues of concern, we are of the view that the presentation did not add a great deal to the documents already submitted to support the application.


We were advised that further documentation, including a Traffic Report and a Full Planning Statement, will be submitted in the near future.


At this stage we consider that there is insufficient information to enable us to either object to or support the application.


We therefore reserve the right to comment further once new information is deposited with the Planning Department, and if the application goes to the Planning Committee we would wish to reserve the right for a representative from the Community Council to address the Committee.


Once we have seen the full planning statement we would wish to consider submitting our concerns about the potential lack of parking spaces and a recommendation to extend the proposed 30mph limit to west of the caravan park entrance, due to the road going up to the Kirkton, the busy B979 and B9077 junction and the additional works generated by the AWPR Dee Bridge construction.