Have your say about service reductions in Aberdeenshire Council’s budget for 2016/17

Aberdeenshire Council is engaging with residents, service users, community groups and staff about its budget for 2016/2017. Public sector funding is reducing across the country, and we need to live within our means. This means we have to consider delivering services differently in a way that will make us more efficient. As a result, some services may reduce, whilst others services may become a higher priority for us. Aberdeenshire Council still has a budget of £530m to spend. Seeking views is very important in helping us to decide what our priorities should be, how the community is willing to see service changes which will save money and how best to spend the remaining budget.

This process will help to inform the decisions made by Aberdeenshire councillors in setting a balanced budget which will ensure that the council continues to deliver a range of valued local services to communities, highlight the Administration’s emerging priorities and reduce overall spending for 2016/17 by £18million.

This is where you come in. Your support is sharing this survey as widely as possible is much appreciated. Please use the below link on your own social media sites, amongst your staff teams, amongst your membership, within community groups for wider circulation and in any relevant publications.
Click here to complete our survey, which should take around 10 minutes. http://bit.ly/BudgetHelpUsHelpYou