The 400 Club

NKRCC has run this fund-raising lottery for many years. Once a year community councillors invite residents to purchase £5 tickets – individually or as many as they wish.  One third of the money taken in is returned as cash prizes, and draws of all tickets are made at each meeting of the community council.  For the last few years this has meant that around £1200 has been available for local groups, though not individuals. Successful applicants have included most of the local voluntary groups as well as primary schools and community halls.  Our only expenses are the Aberdeenshire Council Lottery Licence, printing and postage.

Local clubs and groups are invited to apply for funds.  All applications will be considered if you send a request to the NKRCC Secretary at least two weeks before our monthly  meetings  in February, April, June, August, October and December. The request should include:

  • A full description of why you require funding
  • The overall cost of the item/activity, as well as the amount of funding being requested
  • Evidence of other fundraising efforts
  • Nomination of someone to speak to the request at the next NKRCC meeting

These guidelines are to help avoid situations when we do not have enough information to come to an informed decision.  400 Club funds are limited and all raised and used locally for the good of our community, and we need to be sure they are allocated wisely.  We may be able to point out other sources of funding as well.

The NKRCC area includes Banchory-Devenick, Ardoe, Blairs, Maryculter, Cookney and Netherley.