Cllr Ross Thomson writes to Transport Minister over local impact of AWPR

Conservative group leader on Aberdeen City Council, Councillor Ross Thomson, has written to Transport Minister Derek Mackay on behalf of communities in both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire who are being impacted by the construction of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR).

In his letter Cllr Thomson has raised a number of important and on-going residents’ concerns which are simply not being addressed due to the complex nature in which the project has been set up leaving confusion and frustration within the community. Concerns highlighted in the letter include:

  • Heavy construction traffic on local single track roads and no provision made in advance for this.
  • Resulting damage to the road surface, verges and drains.
  • Construction traffic not adhering to “no construction traffic” signage and speed limits.
  • Water constantly running across local roads at construction sites.
  • Visible discolouration/pollution of local water courses and the River Dee.
  • 7 day working hours and lack of consultation with the community.
  • Lack of engagement to announce road closures, traffic management and diversions.
  • Resulting litter and respect from the workforce on site.


Further, Cllr Thomson highlighted the recent closure of Contlaw Road and Malcolm Road in Aberdeen City due to the damage caused by HGVs working on the construction of the AWPR leaving confusion around who is responsible for repairs and who foots the bill.

The letter asks for the Transport Minister’s assistance in resolving these issues and also asks him to attend a future public meeting of the North Kincardine Rural Community Council.

Councillor Ross Thomson said:

I have written to the Transport Minister Derek Mackay and the Chief executives of both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils asking for their help urgently to address very real issues of concern affecting the quality of life of local residents within the vicinity of the construction of the AWPR.”

“I regularly meet with senior Council officers as well as members of the AWP Joint Venture, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that serious issues are not being addressed. There are on-going issues with damage to local roads not being repaired, construction traffic not obeying road signage and travelling at speed and importantly a lack of on-going communication with residents.”

“With so many partners involved in the construction of this much needed project no one seems to be taking responsibility to address these issues and with the complex nature of the setup it also seems that those involved in its construction also do not know who is responsible for dealing with these concerns as residents are batted from Council to CJV to Transport Scotland and back again”

“I hope that Mr Mckay will be able to meet members of the community to hear their concerns and join me in trying to bang heads together to sort these issues out. Notwithstanding the strategic and vital importance of this project it cannot be used as an excuse to ride roughshod over our communities.”
News release 2/2/16