Cllr Ian Mollison’s summary of NKRCC’s February meeting

Councillor Ian Mollison:
A lively meeting tonight in Lairhillock primary school for the North Kincardine Rural Community Council. Here are some of the points that caught my attention, and no doubt attracted an audience of 19 members of the public:

– The Corbie Hall could be open again by the end of April. A builder is due to start work this week repairing the damage done by last month’s flooding, with a promise to complete the work withing six weeks. The adjoing football pitch requires more clearing up but should be playable within a week or tow. One goalpost ended up at the rowing club in Aberdeen. The new defibrilator at the hall is a write-off. There are hopes that it can all be back in use in late spring. The local authority has already made enquiries to use it for the Scottish elections on 5 May.

– The South Deeside Under Fives group which used the Corbie Hall has gone into abeyance, with the staff being made redundant. This affects roughly 30 children. The position will be reconsidered in June.

– Local guides are looking for a new leader.

– The Maryculter Woodland Trust, which has now taken ownership from the Forestry Commission in a community buy-out, was given a £300 grant by the community council to cover half the cost of a gate on Odlman Road.

– More deliverers are being sought for the South Deeside View, the community newsletter. Help is also being sought with editing it.

– The community council agreed to object to a planning applicaiton for a house opposite the former Cookney church. Planning permission has been granted to turn the former Ardoe Hall on the South Deeside Road into a house.

– The impact of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route contractors’ vehicles on local roads prompted much discussion. The community council is writing to the chief executive of Aberdeenshire Council to aks him and the head of roads to come to a future meeting. One comment was that “local roads are being smashed to pieces”. Potholes and ditches were great concerns.

– Two police officers attended part of the meeting, with no local issues being highlighted. Officers can now check that blue badges are current and being used appropriately.