Cllr Alison Evison raises NKRCC issues with the AWPR team

I attended a meeting with the AWPR team this morning and raised the issues which were presented to the NKRCC on Monday.
There are now going to be meetings with the cleaning lorry drivers and the cement lorry drivers to remind them of the procedures that should be followed.
The speed of the lorries will be monitored.
There is a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour which includes litter.
There are agreed and defined routes which construction related traffic should be using and it will be stressed that these should be used.
There will be attention paid to the verges and ditches and remedial work will be undertaken when necessary.
Some news which I know will not get a good reception – the AWPR team is applying to extend 7 day a week working. They plan to send emails out to the residents whom they know live close to t he effected areas.
There are regular meetings with the police Gold group to plan traffic management.
Specific issues should be reported to John Wilson as soon as they occur so that they can be cleared up asap.
Alison Evison