NKRCC AWPR public meeting Monday 16th Jan, 7.30pm Lairhillock School

The North Kincardine Rural Community Council are holding a public meeting 7.30pm, Monday 16th January, at Lairhillock School, where the AWPR CJV team will be presenting an update on progress of the works. Those attending on behalf of the AWPR CJV are John Wilson, the Managing Agent, Graham Christie, Project Director, Robert Galbraith, Contracting Authority, Dave Taylor, Construction Joint Venture and from Transport Scotland, Gavin Dyet. Aberdeenshire Councillors and MSP’s will also be in attendance.
The format will be to hear progress on the AWPR construction over the winter months and discuss works upcoming through to springtime. The areas to be reviewed are from the North Deeside Road down to the Cleanhill roundabout, across to Charleston and the Fastlink to Stonehaven. Once the presentation has concluded the community council’s chairman Henry Irvine-Fortescue will open up discussion to enable the public to question the panel with any queries or concerns they may have. This will be followed by our usual NKRCC meeting. All members of the public are most welcome to attend. 

Summary of our December meeting by Cllr Ian Mollison

A heartfelt plea was made last night for more members of the public to join the North Kincardine Rural Community Council.

The community council’s planning officer Colin Pike was chairing the meeting which was attended by 11 members of the public and three Aberdeenshire councillors (including me!). There were six community councillors.

Colin appealed for volunteers as the community council is lacking a secretary and a chairperson. “We need fresh faces,” he said.

As usual the meeting in the Lairhillock primary school had a packed agenda. Here are some of the highlights I have picked out:

– Representatives of the Aberdeen bypass will be at the next meeting on 16 January to discuss progress with the project. There were many comments about the muddy state of local roads. Apparently the contractors have added six additional road sweepers to their fleet. The AWPR will be shutting down for the festive period on Friday 23 December, and restarting on Monday 9 January (thought there will be a skeleton staff to deal with security and maintenance issues. AWPR staff will return on 4 January.

Kees Witte reported on the well-attended public meeting about broadband provision in the area. There were 135 responses to a survey in the South Deeside View which showed an average download speed of 1.5 megabytes. There was hope that the various avenues of pressure would bring about an improvement: a “wave of action”, as Colin Pike described it.

Various planning applications were discussed, including plans to replace a bothy with a house for a sheep farmer and a proposed Craigneil wind farm to the west of Meikle Carewe. A public meeting in the Lairhillock school had attracted few people, which apparently pleased the developers as it signalled to them there was little opposition. The turbines would be 135 metres high to the blade tip. The Meikle Carewe turbines are 70 metres high.

– The Maryculter senior citizens Christmas event is to receive a grant of £200.

– A suggestion that the community council lodges a planning application on behalf of the Maryculter Woodland Trust met with a mixed reaction, and some caution. The advantage would have been that there would be a reduced fee. The plan is for a shipping container in the woods to house equipment for the trust and the nature kindergarten Mucky Boots. After a lengthy debate the request was withdrawn by trust chairman Ed Thorogood.

– The meeting also heard that Aberdeenshire Council’s new household waste and recycling centre at Badentoy is now open, from Thursdays to Mondays.

– There was no police report.

– The new town of Chapelton is progressing slowing with 93 houses occupied.

– The community council was split over whether to continue to hold meetings in the school (free, sufficient lit parking, and central) or return to the Corbie Hall at Maryculter (£10 an hour) which is now fully operational again after last winter’s floods. The discussion continues, and a decision will be made by the year end.  Words by Councillor Ian Mollison.

NKRCC November minute of meeting

North Kincardine Rural Community Council

Draft Minutes of meeting on Monday 21 November 2016 at 7.30pm

Lairhillock School, Aberdeenshire

HIF chaired the meeting. There were 24 members of the public present.



Henry Irvine-Fortescue (HIF) Vice Chair

Bob McKinney, Treasurer

Susan Astell (SA)

Avril Tulloch,

Laureen Canessa,

Sharon Park

Councillors Alison Evison, Carl Nelson, Iain Mollison, Aberdeenshire Council


  1. Apologies

Colin Pike


  1. Minutes of previous meeting

September 19- Proposed SA, Seconded LC

October 19 – Proposed SA Seconded HIF


  1. Police Report

No report submitted this month


  1. Matters Arising

HIF advised the meeting that he followed up the matter of large HGV’s using the local roads, but had received no reply.


  1. Caleycom Presentation re Broadband

G Porteous of Caleycom gave a short presentation on the level of broadband coverage in the area. The system used by his company is very flexible and competitive.


  1. Roads – Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

6.1 HIF advised that the delivery of the concrete beams had gone according to plan.

6.2 HIF had attended a meeting with SEPA who explained that 3 members of SEPA have been working on AWPR matters recently. They have agreed progress towards a “Winter Ready Report” and once more rain arrives, it will be seen if the preparations are adequate.

6.3 MoP’s complained about the lack of signage and the difficulties in Banchory Devenick. The area around the Crossroads is now isolated and difficult to get to. All complaints should be referred to Bob Gray. It seems there is a lack of communication between the Council and the CJV with resulting concurrence of road closures.

Cllr IM confirmed that the responsibility lies with the council and MoP with concerns should raise this with the appropriate people in the council.

Action HIF to contact Bob Gray

6.4 MoP raised concerns about safety issues at SUDS ponds and whose responsibility it was to fence these off especially wrt children’s safety. He had already written to the CJV.


  1. Schools

Christmas Fair at Lairhillock School on Saturday 26 November

End of term carol service is to be held in the school as Maryculter Church is being refurbished. To take place on the last day of term Wed 21st December, and Banchory Devenick school will be joining them.


  1. Website and Media

Nothing to report.



  1. Planning

Bridge of Muchalls Single Wind Turbine – Objection to be submitted.


Blairs – change of use of garden ground – Action – HIF to investigate


Gillybrands – Industrial units.                                    Action – HIF to speak to CP


  1. Finance

Bob McKinney explained that it is proving difficult for the bank to amend the signatories, but he is pursuing this. Although he has not received bank statements recently, we have funds available of over £1,000, after funds earmarked for 400 Club prizes and £500 set aside for Maryculter Youth Cafe.

October draw – £20 – No.66; £15 – No. 271;

November draw – £30 – No. 150; £20 – No. 50; £15 – No. 259 and £10 – No. 350


A brief discussion ensued about the 400 Club. It was agreed to change the year end of the club, to align it with the AGM, and this would mean collection of monies for tickets in the summer months. To be decided at the next meeting

(Or did we decide there and then to change it?? HIF)


No applications for funding awards had been received.


  1. Correspondence

Nothing to report


  1. AOCB


11.1 LC went to the Meikle Carewe meeting and reported back. Of 21 applications for funding, 12 were approved.


11.2 Broadband meeting to take place on Monday 28th at 7.30pm in the Corbie Hall.


11.3 Cllr IM advised the meeting that if Community Councillors were absent from 3 meetings in a row, without submitting a note to intimate a leave of absence, then they could not longer be counted as part of the Council.


11.4 Maryculter Woodland Trust had a successful planting day on 12th November. The AGM was on 24 November.


11.5 The City Council have cleared the debris from Storm Frank round the southern abutment of the Maryculter Bridge.


  1. Next meeting

This is on Monday 12 December at the Lairhillock School at 7.30pm


The meeting finished at 21.30pm.


View previous minutes here.



Urgent: Please complete survey on local broadband speeds

URGENT REMINDER: Your input is important! Please make sure you have completed the online broadband speed survey (takes less than 2 mins) to ensure there is lots of local data for discussion with representatives from Caleycom (at our NKRCC meeting on Mon 21 Nov, 7.30pm, Lairhillock School).
There is also a public meeting at 7pm, Corbie Hall on Mon 28th Nov where reps from Community Broadband Scotland and Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband will be presenting. Your data is valuable to aid discussion about potential solutions which may be available. THANK YOU to those who have already completed the survey. Please pass on via email etc.

Agenda for our meeting on Monday 21 November

North Kincardine Rural Community Council, Agenda for meeting on Monday 21st November

Lairhillock School at 7.30pm

  1. Apologies
  1. Minutes of previous meeting
  1. Matters Arising
  1. Police Report
  1. Broadband presentation, Graham Porteous, the Managing Director of Caleycom.
  1. Roads – Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

– Other roads

  1. Schools
  1. Website and Media
  1. Planning
  1. Finance
  1. Correspondence
  1. AOCB
  1. Next meeting – 12 December 2016