AWPR presentation to NKRCC at January meeting

Presentation by the AWPR team to NKRCC on 18.1.2016 in Lairhillock School

 Speakers:   Norman Duncan, Construction Joint Venture

Graham Christie, Construction Joint Venture

Gavin Dyer, Transport Scotland

Robert Galbraith, Contracting Authority

John Wilson, Aberdeen City Council

The area covered was from Coneyhatch in the south to the River Dee, plus the link from Charleston Junction to Burnhead   – all in the NKRCC area, related to current works and those planned for the next three months.

 Auquorthies / Fishermyre / Muchalls to Netherley – Roads U89K, U88K and C12K:

Temporary road diversions are in place, side roads, tie-ins and link roads will be further developed and bulk haulage will take place across these minor roads.

Cookney – Roads C24K and C25K

Progress the Stoneyhill access road with temporary traffic diversions; start bulk earthworks, bridge and culverts.

Rothnick – Road C13K

Drill, blast and excavate; continue processing earthwork materials for quarry products; start production and distribution of concrete in six weeks time. Bulk tankers will transport the cement from the A90, so requests were made to alert motorists at the two right angled blind corners on this route.

 Greens of Crynoch – Road C5K

Complete main rock cutting and start hauling across C5K; start on bridge at C5K; earthwork filling between C5K and U63K and water management works. It was pointed out the water is still gushing across the road then icing up, despite repeat reporting of the problem on this school bus route.

Kingcausie to Dee – Road U63K

Water management works; progress Kingcausie rock cutting and haul across U63K; majority of material to be transported to burnhead for processing; Kingcausie underpass, culvert and watercourse diversion.

Burnhead – Roads U63K and C5K          

Partial completion of new side road; divert traffic onto temporary, 6 week diversion with weekend closures and start bridging the Blaikiewell burn.

East of Burnhead – continue to drill and blast to produce bulk earthworks; continue processing of earthworks materials for quarry products.

Newlands / Bishopton / Haremoss – Roads C30K, U59K and C34K

Start construction of new access roads, begin major gas main diversion at Haremoss, and start construction of

bridges and culverts.

Findon-Maryculter – new C5K road

Continue building of bridge including installing precast beams: continue construction of new side road from Findon to Maryculter – C5K

Charleston Junction

Progress side road; set up speed restrictions on the A956 slip road, close Red Moss road; Overnight / weekend closure for earthwork / potential drill and blast for new side roads. Pillars for the new bridge will be on the current slip road.


Questions and comments included:

An induction day for 1200 employees was held at the New Year, emphasising safety procedures.

Potholes:   Some are of long standing with no repairs carried out despite repeat reporting to the Helpline.

Despite some confusion among the team, the conclusion is that potholes on existing roads should be reported to Aberdeenshire Council and those on temporary diversions to the AWPR Helpline

The AWPR team have weekly meetings with the Council Roads Dept. The team were pushed to ensure weekly inspections, not just indoor meetings, and act on these inspection reports.

‘’No Works Traffic’’ red signs at junctions: These refer only to vehicles weighing over three tonnes and are not enforceable in law.

Traffic lights: AWPR team requested to ensure that they are only working when needed. Some are set from 7am to 7pm and others are on for 24 hours.

Weekend working:   This has continued in some locations with no local warnings. A consultation letter from the CJV on weekend working will be delivered to householders within 200m. More applications for weekend working are being processed.

Run off into burns and rivers: The team are in active liaison with SEPA. Flocculants are being tried out

(SEPA approved and of natural origin) in the hope of settling more silt in the SUDS ponds.

Burnhead: Mr Petrie’s garden drystone dyke is being used by the team as their border, rather than continuation of AWPR fencing, giving rise to concern of possible subsidence since the SUDS are nearby.

Discarded food and drink containers: Workers should use the waste receptacle in each unit.

Responses to questions raised tonight: The team’s response to concerns raised will be posted on the NKRCC website when received.


AWPR Project Open Days are planned, all from noon to 1900 hours, and have been advertised in the media:

Those nearby are:

Stonehaven: Monday Feb. 1 in the Bowling Club, Recreation Ground

Cults:            Tuesday Feb. 2 in Cults Hotel

Charleston:   Wednesday Feb. 3 in the Thistle Hotel, Souterhead Road

Peterculter:  Thursday Feb. 4 in Culter Village Hall


Contacts:          AWPR Helpline at Stonehaven Project Office: 0800 058 8350


The Project Office is open Monday to Friday between 19.00 and 17.30 hours and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 16.00 hours
Managing agent: Email: or Tel: 01224 258398


Aberdeenshire Council, Roads Dept.